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 Large-scale production&Strict quality inspection

The R&D and production base of Beijing Greenchem Technology is in Liaoning Province ,which is equipped with 1L~3000L reactors, is able to fulfill the reactions between -80℃ to 300℃.It is the largest single chemical production capacity in China.Anhydrous free-oxygen reaction technology of Greenchem realizes less demand of resources and discharge of wastes. Company  owned UV-VIS spectrophotometer, microwave digestion instrument, adsorption analytical instruments, gas chromatography instruments, such as a full catalyst liquid chromatography analysis of testing equipment to ensure product quality .

 Efficient and Fast R& D & Custom synthesis

Greenchem Technology's team is constuted by the professors of  Beijing institude of Technology,

Nankai College of Chemistry, University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xi'an Technological University .who are returning from abroad.Rich experience in catalyst and ligand development  to ensure high quality ,quickly meet your customized needs.

Professional solution of Cross-Coupling Reactions

Greenchem Technology is specialized in organic phosphine compounds, organic phosphine complex development and production of precious metals composition.The company has been expanding production for more than 7 years,We have accumulated a lot of experience in Noble Metals Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions such as Suzuki、Heck、Stille、Buchwald、Kumada、Negishi、Sonogashira Noble Metals Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions.  The company can provide quality pre-sale, post-sale and in-sale technical services.

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