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Successful Case

Patent carrier catalyst, solve the problem of high pressure hydrogenation!

Relying on the Chinese academy of sciences institute of chemical technology, national 973 project's chief scientist  Beijing Greenchem technology co., LTD., successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights (authorized patent number ZL201210544423.3) precious metal carrier catalyst product, USES the advanced analysis and test equipment for the product quality and the catalytic activity are analyzed and tested, realized the high catalytic activity. 

A pharmaceutical customers in south China and Beijing Greenchem has close relations of cooperation, the enterprise an antineoplastic project encountered bottleneck in catalytic hydrogenation reaction, which has repeatedly tried all carrier catalyst products, domestic market all cannot achieve catalytic effect, appear how long no matter how many, reaction time, catalyst amount are unable to make the raw material problem, Beijing Greenchem knows the situation after carefully screening the suitable catalyst for the customer, and adjust the reaction process for the customer, in the end, help customers to solve this difficult problem, got the unit all customers praise!

Highly active palladium carbon (Pd/C) 

According to customer's specific reaction type, select the appropriate carrier, size and dispersion, control BaLiZi provide superior catalytic properties. 

Physical and chemical parameters 

Palladium content: 1-10 wt % 

Size: 0.5-2 um 

Specific surface area: 800 m2 / g

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Suitable reaction type 

Caproic acid, benzoic acid hydrogenation ring molecules or big resistance molecular dehydrogenation to protect, C - C coupling reaction (Suzuki, Heck) \ alkenes, alkynes, aldehyde, ketone, nitrile, pyridine, hydrogenation reaction of furan, etc