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Product label replacement statement

release time:2019/10/17 8:46:27 source:Bohai Securities research report

Greenchem's official notice:

The original label used by our company was light green shading (as shown

 in picture 1, 2 and 3 below). Due to the recent discovery that the color will 

fade when the label is affected by moisture, the information on the label is

 not clear, so our company decided to change the label style and use white

 shading in the new label design (as shown in picture 4, 5 and 6 below).We 

hereby inform you that the new label style will be put into use in October 15th.

The original stock products pasted by our company are all original green labels,

and the newly stored products will use new white labels, which may result in 

the coexistence of green labels and white labels, please rest assured to use.

picture 3.jpgpicture 2.jpg

                      picture1                                                          picture2

picture 1.jpgpicture 4.jpg

                      picture3                                                          picture4

picture 5.jpg picture 6.jpg

                      picture5                                                          picture6