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Panjin case Greenchem production equipment installation

release time:2016/4/4 15:41:32 source:Bohai Securities research report

Panjin Greenchem technology co., LTD. Is a Beijing grid technology co., LTD. (the following Beijing's Greenchem file with tile Greenchem referred Greenchem) a wholly owned subsidiary of liaoning panjin double table fine chemical industrial park building site, registered in August 2015, registered capital of 10 million yuan, set up a file case Greenchem the establishment of the factory, will greatly improve the Beijing case Lin Kaimo production capacity of the project, meet the global pharmaceutical, pesticide, liquid crystal materials and petroleum chemical industry customers' demand.

Panjin Greenchem technology co., LTD. The main production projects for organic phosphonic and precious metal catalyst, the reaction conditions of equipment requirement is very strict, almost any device on the market, all equipment must be special customized, after months of equipment supplier selection, inspection, custom communication follow up repeatedly, April 3, 2016, set up a file case Lin Kaimo 23 in set of form a complete set of the plant has been installed! Is currently nervous equipment debugging and acceptance.