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Warmly welcomes customers from South Korea to visit!

release time:2016/4/8 15:41:32 source:Bohai Securities research report

On April 5, 2016, my company south Korean customers to our company, to discuss the further cooperation, We have cooperation with the customers for three years, experience during customer group changes the project director, product specifications and parameter adjustment, and many other matters, but we use their own good technology, high quality products and unique after-sale protection, has been linked to the Korean customer maintain long-term good relations of cooperation.

Back to my company started cooperation with the customers, also is the tortuous, foreign customers are very strict with product quality performance, several samples of screening, finally decided to cooperate with Greenchem, from the selection of catalyst varieties to process validation, Greenchem has specialized technical backbone follow the customer's project, eventually making the customer's key coupling reaction to conquer, and began a long and stable cooperation with the south Korean customers, the south Korean customer another new project is built, project director and company key personnel to review and pay the production qualification and cooperation capacity, and so on and so forth, according to the specific needs of customers, our company made a detailed introduction, and bring customers around the factory daxing biomedical base, with our advanced technology and high quality products to customers proved that the strength of our company, very pleased to personnel of our company, and thanks for Greenchem hospitality.

Beijing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd , since it was founded in 2010, always adhere to high standards, high quality of the product requirements, not because of market volatility change her decision to insist on a high quality raw materials, product quality is more important than everything, technology constantly improve, improve product quality, has a large number of stable long-term cooperation customers, for the production needs of customers first, always adhere to provide high quality products, provide better services to the customers, saving the cost of R&D and production of the customer, improve customer production efficiency, is Beijing Greenchem Technology Co.,Ltd avoid pursuit!